terça-feira, 5 de fevereiro de 2008


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You rarely need Polyjuice potion because you're usually happy just being you! While you might not make the biggest splash or cause drama, you slowly and steadily win over lots of people who think you're pretty darn wonderful. While you can be a little shy and self-conscious at times (especially around a crush), you're probably considered to be a BFF by more than just one person.

Luckily, your talents aren't just the magic kind. You're also kind and smart and just great to be around. Looks like you'll have a very charmed life indeed!

parafina falsificada

3 comentários:

Rita disse...

Claro, tu só podias ser a Ginny. xD Ficaria surpreendida se fosses era a Bellatrix lol.

(: *

rummy disse...

isso lembra.me tanto "gang do alfredo e a ordem da serpente" xD

parafina falsificada disse...

temos que continuar isso pá!! XD